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Sticky: PT adjustment collaboration Syl 3 233dBy: Divine Wind
Sticky: RM EA Extension - Release! RMagician 6 251dBy: DaFuq?
Sticky: Welcome to EA - Introduce Yourself! Broseph 147 251dBy: TapionIsBack
Sticky: RM Attack Calc - EA RMagician 38 306dBy: cumgitsum
Final sok. Hazza 3 212dBy: Syl
Dear omni and rmag Warnerve 12 216dBy: RobinHood
@Bean RobinHood 5 217dBy: RobinHood
SK out? Shaqudemus 6 218dBy: WyzlaZ
Buzzin RobinHood 5 219dBy: StalKing
A time to allow multiple empires each? Hazza 10 222dBy: Hazza
I found a gif of damo Syl 3 229dBy: RMagician
Dear iwin, dubz, barricade, omni, wylaz Arson 17 231dBy: RobinHood
Reduce length of noobie mode. Hazza 2 232dBy: Hazza
End Round SoK RMagician 35 232dBy: Warnerve
Dear Darius Arson 12 239dBy: Warnerve