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Sticky: List of Dev Suggestions Broseph 7 368dBy: Hazza
Sticky: Chat program 2.0 Features Bean 16 413dBy: RMagician
Sticky: Suggested Game Mechanic Changes - A6 RMagician 1 462dBy: RMagician
Sticky: Group Functionality! Broseph 25 490dBy: Syl
A better Sector System RMagician 7 179dBy: RMagician
Allow Kingdoms to control if they want growth, mobi etc Imperial Empire 2 204dBy: Master of Disaster
Sector weapons. Iwin 5 212dBy: DaFuq?
SL & VSL news when bonuses run out RMagician 5 267dBy: Mega
Developing Bots 2.0 RMagician 51 271dBy: Iwin
Unable to post porn into a sector banner ezwip 9 276dBy: Hazza
Map of login locations Hazza 23 282dBy: Hazza
Place page numbers at the bottom of threads ezwip 4 287dBy: BloodyOats
Military costs. Hazza 15 293dBy: Divine Wind
Partial grabs (for Offensive state only) Mega 23 302dBy: Hazza
Probes success ratio Mega 38 305dBy: RMagician