Aug 13, 04:48:16
Just thought I might as well write this out.

It's my second round recently with a top DW, and last round I started working on this strat, noticed where it messed up, and hopefully this round my DW empire will shine even more.

The strat is very simple.

Due to the way things are, you need an RWCE start or you'll fall behind fast. So that's 1300-1400 sci off the bat.
That will be enough to get LDs in the first 36-60h.

When exiting newb, your priorities are probes and res. Don't build any more TCs, they suck on DW.

that's it. Push to about 20% PFs so you can quickly get yourself a high probe count.

You want about 20/20/20 res/sm/pf. Res or SM can go up to 25%

Build SMs when you are makiing goons (so u have enough income for when you start making LDs)
Build Res when you are making LDs (so you have enough sols when you are making goons)

A good offense is the best defense.
That is true for DW because you can make offense at over 200% the speed you make defense. So if #1 can nearly break you but can nearly be broken by you, bet on offense.

DW loses out late game. If the round get to 6-8 weeks, it might be worth it to get TFs because of TC discount, longevity and population needs.

8x probes your land is a great probe defense. You can save yourself from putting up probe shields


Aug 14, 19:33:45
PLUS a little "buff" !!


Aug 18, 04:17:15
Aight, so i still stand by that you should go for high probes and ignore TCs at the start on DW.

Not having TCs however turns into a massive disadvantage later, when your LDs, tanks and Sci are costing you 30% more than they are costing everyone else.

I found myself in a tight spot and so had to do some more thinking.

TCs are fine while you are making LDs, if you have decent pop, which you should have.

However, it is economically not viable to have enough pop on DW to make goons worthwhile with TCs.

In order to make goons worthwhile for TCs, you need to save up soldiers.

eg atm I'm making around 500 sols / tick, however for 10% TCs, I'd need to be training over 700 goons / tick to make TCs worth it.

So you've got 3 ways of saving soldiers:
0. Max Soldiers always

1. Make LDs at TC cost effectiveness (where your TCs are paying for themselves but not more.) For me atm this is 300 LDs, so saving me 200 sols/tick
2. Make Sci at TC cost effectiveness. Atm, 168 sci / tick, saving me 332 sols / tick
3. Make tanks at TC cost effectiveness. Atm, 96 / tick, saving me 404 sols / tick

Only train goons when you have enough sols to make it cost effective.

I've published a spreadsheet that will tell you what cost effective units/hour are at.

So if you want to goon rush with TCs, my advice is make tanks so you can train goons every 2h hours.

This will make DW as economically viable as other PTs, which is where I was finding it short-stacked.

Another strong point for DW, at least early-mid game, is that since you dont need to worry about Fighters/TFs, you can easily have a lot of spare sci, enabling you to keep power research maxed, which is a decent 5% land advantage, when others have already dropped it.


Aug 18, 05:02:40
^ Or instead of saving up sols, make the necessary amount of tanks and dump the rest into goons. That'll keep your TCs effective too.


Sep 12, 09:04:25
Bad strat!


Sep 14, 08:12:40
build a better dw and prove it.


Sep 16, 03:12:36
Last rounds wasn't bad :)
Bit rough arson... On the rags? :p

Divine Wind

Sep 16, 05:27:30
I think he was talking to Shaq


Sep 16, 21:39:38
yeah. DOH! that would make sense....


Dec 20, 07:31:06
1 FaLLINg (3) 1,183,724 4,884 3,626 Oc, Omni
2 Mr Chaos (3) 1,017,186 4,672 3,661 <--- me
3 Drunk Clown On The Street (3) 906,503 3,623 3,019 TF
4 Dawn Of The Dead (5) 891,325 2,604 3,137 VI
5 Petes Dragon (1) 773,519 2,611 2,563 TF
6 Movie13 (5) 694,138 2,640 2,437 Oc
7 Syl (7) 546,480 2,326 2,816 MT

Empire: Mr Chaos

Land: 4,672
Networth: 1,017,186
Honor: 3,661
Money: 1,624
Power: 396,500
Population: 36,060

MA Protection: 0% Planet Type: Desert Wasteland

Soldiers: 1,244
Troopers: 80
Dragoons: 35,685
Laser Troopers: 1,529
Laser Dragoons: 23,301

Tanks: 15,548
Scientists: 3,251
Probes: 11,618

Had to drop probes to catch up to Ron, playing probeless mount (now dead); Also robs were shit;
Sci are useless at this point (endgame)

Bad start, wouldn't have pulled it off without Omni

Main strategical highlight: Ron pushed a lot of tanks (15k) which were his only offense (and a very big one), which forced everyone to push tanks. At some point, the tanks became defense because no one could afford to break anyone without being fully open, so the tanks were constantly stuck at home.

At this point I geared my economy for goons (15% res --> 25% res) and endlessly clicked the goon button. At this size no one could outproduce my O, as the last DW alive, nor could they produce enough defense to defend from it. As my tanks sat idly at home, no one could break either.

Also note, to compete with mount economically, my only option was to make goons.

And then it was just a simple matter of tapping everyone. I could endlessly keep this goon rush up now.

Militarily, I just made whichever had the highest offensive potential, so if I had enough money for 500 tanks, and only 1k soldiers, I'd make 500 tanks. If I could make more than double the tanks in goons, then I'd make goons.

Now the land distance is such that planet types are irrelevant and we've just run away with the game anyway.


Dec 20, 09:09:01
Succeeded at my expense. Farmed me enough...


Dec 20, 10:25:33
what was it you had hazza? 20k goons 5k LTs ?


Dec 20, 11:01:26
Never had 20k goons.. Only at 18 now


Dec 20, 11:03:01
(Dec 20th, 11:02:42)
Your probes have been sent out to Spy on Empire and have returned with a report that is 95% accurate.
We lost a total of 45 probes in this mission.
Empire: Wasted Desert

Land: 1,262
Networth: 249,598
Honor: 1,845
Money: 2,663
Power: 84,035
Population: 20,764

MA Protection: 0%
Planet Type: Desert Wasteland

Soldiers: 32
Troopers: 0
Dragoons: 19,246
Fighters: 0
Laser Troopers: 1,031
Laser Dragoons: 6,605

Tanks: 258
Scientists: Unknown
Probes: Unknown


Dec 20, 12:20:49

here's the 100%

Empire: Wasted Desert

Land: 1,265
Networth: 251,990
Honor: 1,936
Money: 96,699
Power: 85,902
Population: 20,403

MA Protection: 0% Planet Type: Desert Wasteland

Soldiers: 213
Troopers: 0
Dragoons: 18,698
Fighters: 0
Laser Troopers: 1,052
Laser Dragoons: 6,476

Tanks: 267
Scientists: 1,222
Probes: 17,651


Dec 20, 12:21:27
Laser Dragoon 110 110 110 110 110 112 112 112 112 28 28 15


Dec 21, 11:30:08
Built 3000 lds with l more coming...

If had have been left alone...


Dec 21, 15:32:26
Dude you should not try DW again you really sucked this round.


Dec 21, 15:37:40
What kd are you Symtower?

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