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Nov 21, 14:44:58
I don't know if there will ever be the chance to implement this, but there is only hope.

Forget all about sectors.
Let's go back to alliance.

When you sign up, you randomly join an alliance of up to 5 players.
You vote for an alliance leader.

Alliances get to set alliance states and alliance taxes.
If you would rather be on your own, go ahead.

Alliances get alliance forums.
You can leave alliances at any time pre-game and join any alliance at any time pre-game if you so desire.
Never again do you have to be away from your friends or stuck with someone you dislike.

During game time you can also leave alliances. And join alliances.

No more inner sector hitting. No more spies. No more bullshit.

Fuck the sector idea. If you want to stick with your initial alliance, by all means do it. If you wanna play with your friends, do it.

But this hitting sector mates is shit.


Nov 21, 15:03:06
can the AL boot members? as i can see people getting fed up of me and booting me out...


Nov 21, 15:30:14
Plus 1 ....but I think bean has lost interest


Nov 21, 16:09:54
It's already done. This thread isn't needed.


Nov 21, 19:56:03


Dec 1, 08:12:43
Interesting idea Rmag. This would also have an impact on the navigation of the universe as well. What about people that choose to play allianceless? You'd also need some limitations to joining/leaving alliances or i'm sure the idea would get abused


Dec 1, 10:56:25
The timeframes from SK could work, eg 24h no mans land in between alliances

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