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Nov 28, 08:27:12
Round A-15
Starts : Nov 30th 2016, 22:00
Ends : Dec 21st 2016, 22:00

Signups have been enabled. No changes this round but I will make some changes to next round's bonuses based on suggestions. I should be done work for the holiday season when this round ends so I'll finally have some time to sleep in and actually spend time online.


Nov 29, 02:33:58
Why are the rounds this short?

Last game was kinda boring. And when itbegan to be interesting the round was over


Nov 29, 05:49:00
We even voted for 4 weeks,


Nov 29, 05:54:34
Yes, because that was an official poll? Haha.

Goodluck with it Bean. You have a lot of work to do. Part of me feels you gave up awhile ago.


Nov 29, 06:01:28
Only admin or mod can post new topics in this topic.


Nov 29, 06:54:52
Fair point, as I didn't know Syl is now a mod. But that doesn't mean what he does is automatically what Bean wants.

Either way too little too late.


Nov 29, 12:23:43
This game is completely abandoned, why you don't open source it? It still would be better than just lose it in this way?

I would like to contribute...

- Omni


Nov 29, 13:34:53
I've actually been a forum mod for quite a while, maybe a year?

Just been trying to put some census together more recently. I imagine he kept it short because of the time he has coming up.

Divine Wind

Nov 29, 14:23:49
I agree with Omni

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