Each building has a unique purpose in the game. You can build 1 building per land, and some buildings may require research to be completed before they are available. The cost of construction will increase expodentially as your empire's land grows.

Residence Residence is where all your population lives. If there is not enough room in your Barracks for your military, your military will 'kick out' population from their residential homes in order to seek shelter. Population will also give you income through taxes.

Holds 50 Civilians or Military
Barracks This special tightly packed military facility can support any military unit including tanks. Military will move here first, but if there is no room they move to normal Residence.

Holds 75 military units.
Air Support Bay This base was specially designed to support Tactical Fighter's Vesudian Cores. Without this Air Support Bay, Tactical Fighters are rendered useless.

Holds 40 Tactical Fighters.
Nuclear Power Plant This industrial building can produce 100 units of power. Up to 500 units of power can be stored in this plant. Any excess power is lost.

Produces 100 Power per hour.
Stores up to 500 Power.
Fusion Power Plant A new method of harvesting power, the Fusion Power Plant is capable of producing 140 power per hour, and storing up to 1000 units of power.

Produces 140 Power per hour.
Stores up to 1,000 Power.
Star Mine Another industrial building. This building provides you with resources (Money), there is no limit to the number of Star Mines you can have.

Produces 120 Money per hour.
Training Camp A special building that prepares your army for military service. By default you allways have Training Camps, but if you wish to build extra you can greatly decrease the cost of training military.

Reduces cost of training. (%ofLAND * 3) Max 30%
If you had 250 land, and 25 Training Camps your military would be 30% cheaper. (25/250=10%*3=30%)
Probe Factory Another industrial building. Factories manufacture Probes. The more factories you have the more probes you will produce every day. No limit.

(50%-100%) * #ofFACTORIES = probes manufactured per hour.
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