Message Boards
The message boards are built in communication system available to everyone. There are both public and private forums integrated into one message board system to allow sectors to communicate and the community to receive updates and discuss what is going on in the game.

Public Forums
Public forums are visable to everyone both in game and from the main site. All registered users should have the ability to post and reply in forums. When posting to the public forums, your account's display name is used instead of empire name.

Sector Forums
To organize and maintain a strong sector you need communication. You are still welcome to use external programs but the forums provide a quick and easy way to share information such as probe results. Sector forums are accessable to only those within your sector and posts made will be displayed by empire name to disguise your identity.

html tags & formatting:
html tags and formatting are currently disabled, but some will be made available so long as it's not abused.

Quick Empire Links
[empire]ID[/empire] will produce a link for the empire to their info page.
[statline]ID[/statline] will produce a detailed list of stats for the empire linked.