Sector Leader:
In order for a sector to functon as a unified group, one player must be elected to lead the sector. The Sector Leader can to moderate the sector forums/chat, change sector state, has the ability to change the sector's name, declare relations with other sectors and purcahse sector enhancements/weapons. Sector leader's receive an additional 10% defensive bonus for their effort.
*Note: The offensive bonus has been removed since round A-5.

Voting For A Sector Leader:
To vote for a Leader select the name of the empire you wish to be leader in the pull down menu, then click on change vote. This will add +1 vote to whoever you're voting for. Dead, Inactive and disabled empire's votes are automaticly discounted from the voting tally. When there are less than 3 players in a sector, the player with the most votes becomes sector leader. If there are 3 or more players, it will require a 2 vote lead before they can become sector leader. The old sector leader will remain (in the event of a tie vote and such) until a new one has been declared.

Vice Sector Leader:
The sector leader may choose someone within the sector to assist them with managing the sector. The vice sector leader can moderate the sector forums/chat, purcahse enhamcements, change the sector state, edit the sector's name and other details. The vice sector leader cannot purcahse sector weapons, or declare relations.