Use the navigation section to browse the universe for targets to attack, or friends and allies to cooperate with. The universe is divided up into sectors, whom are working together as a group against the others.

Each sector can choose a name, bannder and message to display on the navigation page for their sector.

The empires listed are color coded to help pick out empires of importances.
  • Sector Leader
  • Vice Sector Leader
  • Your Empire
  • Newbie Mode
  • Disabled
  • Suspended
  • Vacation Mode

Sector Stats - At the bottom of the page is a sum of the sectors land, networth and honor.

Sector State
Every sector can choose a sector state that will provide it advantages and disadvantages.

  • -75% Exploration Cost <,500 Land
  • -50% Exploration Cost <5,000 Land
  • -25% Explodation Cost >=5,000 Land
  • Defensive casualties increased by 10%
  • 2x Birth Rate

  • Military Trains in 12 hours instead of 24
  • Limited to 5 maximum stored probe uses
  • Only 3 useable War Leaders

  • No MA Protection
  • +25% More Honor
  • +10% More Spoils

  • Shields at maximum regardless of cost or power/powerless
  • Population = 0.25 defense points
  • Only 2 useable War Leaders
  • -25% Defensive casualties

Enhancements & Weapons - A list of weapons and enhancements effecting a sector can be found on their navigation page.