There are 2 types of research projects that can be researched, both designed to help improve your empire in different ways.

Fixed Points
These research projects require a set amount of points to complete, and mostly unlock a specfic technology or constant bonus. Your empire's size has no effect on the research of these projects.

Land Based
Land based researches are calculated based on your land size. The more land you accumulate the harder it is to maintain an effective bonus on these projects as they have no fixed maximum.

Population Bonus By increasing the capacity of the Residence building, a kingdom can increase the population above normal.

Increases Population.
Maximum 20%
Power Bonus More efficient fuel can be discovered to increase the power output of any given powerplant.

Increases Power Production.
Maximum 50%
Military Strength By discovering new weapons and armour one can make there army more effective. This research will improve both your offensive and defensive military strength.

Increases Military Strength.
Maximum 30%
Money Bonus Improved government projects can increase revenue. By reducing unemployment and government spending strategies more tax money can go towards construction and military.

Increases Income
Maximum 25%
Reactor Warp Core Efficiency Through advanced research, knowledge learned in the Energy Core project, can be used to increase the speed at which our armies move.

Requires Energy Core research.
Decreases attack time.
Maximum 20%
Frequency Decryption Center Probes often always use the same low end frequencies to transmit data, regardless of who is using them, as the low end frequencies are the only ones capable of transmitting data at such a long distance. Although we frequently pick up signals over the radio, we are rarely able to decrypt it. Thus is why we have placed scientists on the job to monitor the waves 24/7. When successfully decrypting a transmission we can calculate how many probes were sent, what the probes were assigned to do, and who sent them.

Gives a 25% chance at knowing who successfully probed you.
Dragoons Research laser scopes, electronic implants, and offensive programming for military units.

Develop Dragoons
Requires 30,000 points.
Laser Dragoons Research new armor upgrades and defensive programs.

Develop Laser Dragoons
Requires 36,000 points.
Fighters Research heavily armed jets for use in battle.

Develop Fighters
Requires 75,000 points.
S.C.O.U.T.E.R. By sending super high speed probes out before the attacking army, you can predict how long it will take for your army to attack and return.

Develop S.C.O.U.T.E.R. Technology.
Requires 7,500 points.
Fusion Technology Learn how to harness the power of Fusion in order to build more powerful missiles, and produce power more efficiently. Allows the production of the Fusion Missile and the Fusion Power Plant.

Develop Fusion Technology
Requires 15,000 points.
Vesudian Core and AI Technology Research the ability to harness the power of the Vesudian Core, and the AI technology to control it. Allows the production of Air Support Bay's and Tactical Fighters.

Develop Vesudian Core and AI Technology.
Requires 250,000 points.
Energy Core Research the use of an advanced Energy based Core in machinery's engines and power plants. Increases power production of nuclear and fusion power plants by 20%, allows you to produce the Energy Missiles, and decreases attack time by 10%.

Develop Energy Core.
Requires 25,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Probe Armor Research the use of a armor plating that can be polarized to resist energy weapons. Decreases probe losses by 50%.

Develop Probe Armour
Requires 46,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Longevity Research the health and genetics of your civilians to increase life expectancy and quality of life. Increases birth rate 4X and Residences house 55 civilians instead of 50.

Develop Longevity Technology
Requires 50,000 points and the research of Vesudian Core and AI Technology to be completed.