Account Management
You are only allowed to create one account per person. Account sharing or exchanging is not allowed. As the owner of the account you must be the only one that logs into it. You may not get another person to watch over your account. Deleting and remaking an account to get on a certain sector is not allowed. The use of login scripts is prohibited, a human must always be the one logging in and managing the account. Any violations of the account managing will result in immediate termination of the account(s) involved.

Language and Attitude
There will be no offensive or disrespectful language or attitudes allowed. This game is for everyone of every age.

Unfair Advantage
Abusing bugs or functions of the game for the purposes of gaining unfair advantage is not allowed. Please report the bugs to game staff so that they can be fixed. "Abuse it until they fix it" will end up in penalties or deletion.

Gang Banging and Bashing
Bashing is defined as attacking someone who is under 1/3 of your land size before the attack.
Gang Banging occurs when a group of players attack a single target all within a short peroid of time.

We understand that this is a game that involves attacking and making enemies, but we do need to consider the well being of the other players. Although this will not be strongly enforced, if the need arises game staff may take actions against players who are blatently bashing smaller players or gangbanging to excess.

War Abuse
During a war between sectors, most of the general rules of 'fair grabs' do not apply. It is war after all. War Abuse is defined as a bigger sector, going to war with a sector that is incapable of defending itself against that sector.

Uploaded Content
Anything posted or uploaded to the site must be reasonable for all ages. No nudity, obscene or offensive content will be allowed. This applies to personal messages, chatrooms, message boards, sector banners, empire logos, names, or anything else that is displayed throughout the site.

Suiciders / Farming
The issue of attacking suiciders and disbanders is a fine line between being at the right place at the right time, or taking an unfair advantage. If it can be proven within reasonable doubt that the actions were preplanned, or that a player gained an extremely unfair advantage through suiciders or disbanders a penality may be applied.

An act of pretending to be another person, weather it be a player or game staff, is not allowed.

Ban Avoidence
Any attempts to avoid penalties or pusnishments handed out by the game staff is prohibited.

All rules and punishments are at the discression of the game staff. They are in charge of keeping the game as fair as possible for everyone.